Bob Thomas
Bob ThomasConcerns about the Company public image, his own reputation (being the CEO)Challenges: • George HollisFinish what his boss requires him to do, work closely with John, impress his boss (personal interest)Challenges: how to run the policy without letting the public feel like buying public support• John Davidson consider what will happen if he does or does not participate in the suggested campaign. Private interest vs company’s interestpersonal conflict with the way that the image-building campaign is being approached.Challenges: how to balance the personal interest with the company’s interest• Company employees concerns about their salaries or job security due to the bad reputation• Communities supported by logging activities affect the job of the family • Environmentalists (Sierra Club)concern about environmental issues caused by clear cuttingonce the policy up, are they really doing something good to the environmentchallenges: force the company to care about the environment• Government regulatorswhether this company work within the standard of the regulations, stability of the company industryhow the public and government reactive to the policypublic living standard shareholderswhether to invest in this companyhow club feel if John join the policy dis: if not careful the club may feel not a loyal memberJohn’s reputation in the club may be affectedAdv: As an insider, know what the club care and can work better of the policyLargest: John as his decision may play an important role on the successful of the policy suggested by Bob Thomas or how it goes on, if he opposed: may lost his job

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