Frankenstein Two: Life After the Doctor
Essay Preview: Frankenstein Two: Life After the Doctor
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Frankenstein Two: Life after the Doctor
When we last saw the monster, he was on a ship with Walton, mourning the death of his beloved creator, Victor. Even though the monster was full of hostility and anger, he still had the ability to love. He loved his creator that he named himself after him, Frankenstein. During the voyage back to the mainland, Frankenstein was trying to figure out what was next for him in his future.

After arriving in Transylvania, Frankenstein arranged a funeral for his maker. He called 1-800-HES-DEAD to get things started. The funeral was arranged beautifully and all of the doctors close friends came to pay their respects. He was buried under the sickamore tree, on the western side of his estate. After all of the festivities were over, Frankenstein started to think about a plan for himself. He had no one to listen to, he was his own person or shall I say monster, and now he didnt know what to do anymore.

Frankenstein lived alone in the castle for about a month. He was a loner who never talked to anyone, and barely even went outside. He often called Walton for company, but one day while Walton was on his ship, they ran into some nasty weather and his ship capsized. This left Frankenstein in even more remorse. Until one day, while in middle of a rain shower, he ventured outside to chop down a tree so that he could make a fire. So he went to the shed to grab the trusty old axe, and headed for the woods. He figured that since it was raining that no one would be out, but he was wrong. He took the axe and began to chop down a tree, when suddenly he saw through the clear that a beautiful woman caught his eye. He swung at that tree for a last time, then all of a sudden he hears a voice yelling “TIMBER!!!.” But Frankenstein too memorized by the beautiful woman, that he forgot about the tree, which was a big mistake, The tree came down and landed on him. The woman, after seeing this happened, rushed over to see if he was ok. But when she got close enough to see who was there, Frankenstein started to move and stood up. The woman, frozen with fear screamed and then passed out. Frankenstein didnt know what to do, so he picked up the girl in one hand, then the tree in the other and went back to his castle.

After getting back to the castle, Frankenstein, changes the girl into some warm, dry clothes, and lays her on the couch near the fireplace. He then chops the tree into smaller pieces and makes a fire to keep her warm. After several hours, the woman wakes up in confusion. She takes a look at Frankenstein and screams and yells at him to not hurt her and to stay away. He then tells her that there is no reason to be scared and explains to her his life story and everything

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