How Small Businesses Survive the Economic Depression
Case analysis.
The products that Dan and Chad have created for their shutout solutions company are very unique and functional. I think that what the two of them have accomplished for their small business in the case is very impressive. From the initial idea of the product to securing the patent rights for the nano- silver technology, shutout solutions has made a lot of progress from the time that it was just an idea for a class project to its current operation level.

It s imperative to note that Dan and Chad did goof for their company by finding and locking down the producers of the nano- silver technology in Asia. The Asia producer provides Shutout with the highest quality, which ended up putting up Shutout solutions ahead of the competitive curve and provided Dan and Chad with time to strategize what the best path of their company would be. The only mind boggling issue with their producer overseas is that the distance between where the Shutout is located in Canada and the producer makes transportation of the product from producer to retailer costly and not as effective as it should be since orders must be very large to compensate for high shipping costs and demand. The distance also reduced flexibility and communication between the producer and Shutout. Because of this, the company surely needs to find a more efficient supply chain from the producer to the retail locations.

Notably, Chad and Dan need to think about adding some personnel to the Shutout Company in some crucial positions that contribute to a company. At the time of the case, Chad and Dan were the only employees of the company and therefore were responsible for doing everything from sales to accounting to marketing. If these entrepreneurs want to be able to focus their energy on continuing to push the company to become more successful, they will need to bring on some additional man power. The reasoning for this is not that Chad and Dan are doing a

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