What Was World War 2 Like?
Essay Preview: What Was World War 2 Like?
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What was World War Two like?
What was your/ your familys reaction to hearing about the war? Everyone was scared. I remember sitting in the front room listening to my aunt tell us.
Where were you when you heard about the war? I was at home, on the farm. We didnt have a radio so our aunt from Toledo came and told us all about it.
Did most of the men goto the war? Oh yes, lots of them. My father didnt go because he was to old, and none of my brothers went because my mother wouldnt let them and they where to young.

Did anyone you are related to go to the war? Just my cousin, like I said my brothers where to young.
How did your mother and father support your family? Mainly they farmed. My father would go into town and work at the lime plant. While my mother, she would stay at home and watch over the farm, she also had 12 children to watch over so she was to busy to work.

Was there a shortage of money? Well there was always a shortage of money, but we lived on a good farm and my father always worked a lot, so we usually turned out ok.

Did you have to get a job to help support your family? I was only about 15 at the time. No one was old enough to go out and help make a living other than stay home and work on the farm.

Who took care of the children while your mother and or father was at work? My mother didnt have a job, she was always to busy taking care of the farm, and all the children, but she was a good nurse so once in a while she would goto a neighbors house and help if someone was hurt.

How did you keep in touch with family members and friends that were fighting in the war? All we could do is write letters. We didnt have a phone or any of the fancy things we do now.

Did you get or receive a lot of mail? Well, I only wrote about once a month and usually my cousin would only replay to my letters, unless something very important would happen which he would write more.

Was there a shortage of food, cloth, or any other needed items during the war? Food, sugar, gas, tires, we couldnt buy new cars because they used some of the parts for tanks and jeeps. Youd Get little booklets. Ration booklets. You might only get 2 pounds of sugar a month, then the next month youd get a new booklet of ration stamps. But we lived on a farm so we usually turned out good because we had gardens, and animals.

Did you have to ration things? Well, we had a big family so we always rationed anyways. We always used as little as we could to help with the war effort.

What did your family do to help with the war? Ex. Victory Bonds. Other than my father would work extra time at the plant we couldnt

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