So Much to Tell You – Plot
When Marina starts school, she is given (along with the rest of the class) a journal to write in each night as homework. In this, we see a side to Marina that she wont allow anybody else to see – in this journal, we see into her soul and hear her thoughts and feelings.

Marina regularly visits a counsellor but still refuses to talk.
As the days go by, we hear more and more about Marina and her past as well as the present. Her roommates (seven in all) all have different personalities but Marina wonders if they all feel the same inside and are just wearing ‘masks. Marina comes to learn a lot in her English classes with Mr Lindell and discovers theres more than meets the eye with everyone.

After a short time enrolled in Warrington (her boarding school), Marina finds herself invited to stay at Mr Lindells house with his family. Accepting the invitation, Marina meets Mr Lindells family and sees how kind they are to her each other. This shows Marina that not all families are like hers.

During the school holidays, Marina goes back to her house with her mother and her stepfather but is soon re-admitted into the hospital. The hospital staff show no signs of releasing her, but marina wants to go back to school. Marina, sort of desperate, contacts Mr Lindell through a letter and asks him to help her. Mr Lindell then comes to the hospital to talk with the doctors. When Marina sees him, she smiles, her first facial expression in front of people. Marina is then allowed to return to school.

Further into her sessions with Mrs Ransome (the counsellor), marina comes to think about her father, who has been in jail for hurting her. After weeks of thinking, Marina eventually gathers enough courage to ask (in a note) Mrs Ransome for an address that she can contact her father on. Marina doubts that Mrs Ransome would get the address, but is surprised

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