The Following Are Keys to Survival in Learning
Essay Preview: The Following Are Keys to Survival in Learning
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Though the gen 105 class, I have learned ways to navigate though the college site, library, and forums. Knowing this information will be an enormous asset to my online learning experience. Using this guide as a reference will also help me stay on track with my education. The following are keys to survival in learning in the new info age.

Using Axias Educational Resources
Numerous amounts of resources are available on the Axia College website. The option to download appendixes in audio format will greatly improved my education thus far. When downloading and reading the information, I understand assignments much better for classes. I also see a visual of how an assignment should look or create better ideas. The technological tools have made my experience more convenient, I do not need to be in front of a computer to read or listen to assignments.

I will continue to use the tools in the college library. I think that I have grown as a writer. I can return to the tools if I do not understand a topic and review it. Through the university library, I can use to databases like Gale PowerSearch, ProQuest, or EBSCOhost to complete research. Using the databases I can also find key information in articles, receive citations, and can see if the information is credible. Through the library I can also gain assistance from the online librarian, who can help with any question I may have. Another tool that will be very useful is write-point. By using write-point I can find mechanical, or gramerrical errors in writing assignments. I will continue to use all educational resources supplied by the college.

Upholding Academic Honesty
Axias colleges academic honesty policy focuses on different forms of plagiarism and how to maintain integrity while attending the college. Plagiarism is using another persons work as yours and not giving the author proper credit for the work. Therefore, I will not plagiarize when doing assignments. Using the tools in the center for writing excellence, I will use the plagiarism checker prior to summiting an assignment. All references will have correct citations in all assignments. When doing a discussion, I will credit the author in my posts. I will also use APA formatting correctly per Axias guidelines.

A number of consequences can occur for using plagiarism. A student can receive a failing grade for an assignment. More severe conquences can result in failing a course or being exspelled from the college.

Setting and Achieving Goals
Setting goals and achieving them is a very important aspect of completing and online education. To achieve any goal, it has to be a realistic one along with a realistic time frame. A short-term career goal is to continue using all skills that I have learned in my courses and apply them in the workplace. My long-term career goal is to begin to looking in to my new career field of education. I think this goal is necessary to understand what I need to improve on to be a successful educator. A short-team education goal I have in place is to complete each assignment on time and with a passing grade. My long-term education goal is to complete my education degree with-in two years. I gave myself two years because there may be obstacles that may arise while completing my degree. When an obstacle should arise, I will handle it, as swiftly as possible so it does not interfere with my educational or career goals. I will also gain the assistants from my instructors or academic counselor when in need.

Managing Time Wisely
I have a busy work schedule I need to juggle work, home, and school all at the same time. To help with balancing all my responsibilities, I will use a planner

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