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In the short story “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka the author is showing us through his story how alienation causes depression. By giving us the symbols of Gregor (the main character of the story) being an insect, his locked door, and weather in the story.

The symbolism being Gregor being a giant insect is that he is being separated by the rest of his family. “What’s the matter with you? Here you are, barricading yourself in your room, giving in your room “(5). He was being locked his room because none of his family didn’t want to come in because they were disgusted by him. The symbolism behind him being a bug is that nobody likes a bug and they aren’t important and nobody likes them, but when one is in a room everybody goes crazy and the bug is the center of attention. That is how it is with Gregor he was the center of attention when he wasn’t a bug, and that his is a bug he is still being noticed by his family, but in a bad way. “ The apple on sticking in his body as a visible reminder, since no one ventured to remove it-seemed to have made even his father recollect that Gregor was a member of the family”(20) . When his dad threw him the apple it showed that he was being considered as nothing he was now really being treated like the animal he has become that can cause depression because he thought even though he was a bug they still treated him slightly human .

The symbolism behind Gregors ’ locked door is that he is being separated by his family for being a bug . “ The door was slammed behind him “ (10) . The slammed door symbolizes him being locked up and being separated by all of society this can make someone depressed because they feel like nobody wants to see them or know anything about them. The reason for a locked can also be for privacy , but that’s only if the person locking the door themselves, or they asked someone else to do it for them . If someone else

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