The Lottery
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How would you feel if one morning you woke up and you got ready to go to a lottery, a lottery where you know possibly a close friend or neighbor was going to die that day, maybe even you. Well that is exactly what happens in this short story The Lottery. In the story a member of a very small village will be picked out during lottery and get the prize of death. Wether or not you have a family and wether or not everybody in the village is close to you. During the story someone is picked out and everyone turns against her and murders her. This story is the worst with the worst consequences.

The people of the village knew that somebody was going to die that day. In the story the mayor of the town plans on a lottery. In this lottery somebody is brutally murdered as a sign of their crops to soon be heavily growing, “Lottery in June, Corn be heavy soon” pg3. They think in this tiny village that if you murder someone in the month of June that farmers crops will start to grow greatly. Which is very good for them but not very good for the unfortunate villager.

Considering how tiny of a village these people are living in it is most likely that you would know almost everyone pretty well. They would all be close-knit and probably all good friends. They all know each other and during the lottery, “Here comes Mrs. Hutchison” “Bill she made it after all” “I thought we were going to go on without you” pg2. They dont show each other that they are scared of themselves or one of their neighbors dying. After following a tradition like this with your friends and family for so many years they have no choice but to get used to losing

people who are close to

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