The Jewelry by Guy De Maupassant
Essay Preview: The Jewelry by Guy De Maupassant
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In the Guy De Maupassants The Jewelry, a short story that anyone by just reading the title would think that its simply about a piece of jewelry. But it is not what the title seems, its about a man, M. Lantin, who found the love of his life and how he found out what he thought his wife did behind his back. The story only shows the M. Lantins side of the story, a mans point of view, but it lacks Lady Lantins side of the story. Just by reading the story, Guy De Maupassant only wrote what M. Lantin saw and felt, but he never mentioned what Lady Lantin thought of her husband or her new marriage life. And in the end, after her death, as she had no chance of defending herself, she was accused of committing adultery. But a couple of expensive jewelries could mean anything, and as I was saying, Lady Lantin never had a chance to speak for herself throughout the story, no one could be sure of whether she was really having an affair with someone else or not. Even if she did, she might have had her reasons. I believe the story has another side to it, the Lady Lantins story. At the beginning, when M. Lantin first met Lady Lantin, he thought she was everything he wanted, actually, she was what every man would want at that time. From the description of her in the book, she seems to be a simple woman that doesnt know much and would listen to everything her husband tells her to do. And most of all, she was beautiful. As for her mother, having a husband who had just passed away couple of years ago, and a daughter with money barely enough to live on, the best way to survive was for her daughter to get married with a man that could take care of them.

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