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Most people consider “being alone” as a bad thing, they think it means you’re socially awkward, sad, or unwanted. I just want to make it clear that being alone is a state of bliss once you learn to enjoy it. There are a lot of benefits once you embrace solitude. You’ll start to care less about unimportant things, reflect more, be productive, value relationships more, and be your true self within a short period of alone time.

Usually, being around people, you tend to be self-conscious and care what people think of you because you want to make a good impression and such. Once you’re on your own, you learn not to care about anything, and that often results in happiness. You do not have to seek validation from anyone but yourself, and of course, you will seem extremely comfortable.

A lot happens in such a short time. It isn’t until you have some time alone reality starts to hit you. You have to reflect on everything that has happened and even plan what you want to happen. When you’re constantly around people, your thoughts are clustered. You try to help other people out with their issues and forget to help yourself. Self-reflection is critical and has to be occasionally done.

Having a ton of “you” time is usually the trigger to productivity. Most entrepreneurs had time to themselves to make a plan and execute it. Your time spent trying to please everyone and help out can all be put into doing productive things and coming up with helpful ideas. You get to put your everything into getting work done. You get to start feeling independent also, like you don’t need a backbone(validation instead of backone) because you are more than enough.

Spending so much time alone, once you start having relationships with people asides yourself, you tend to enjoy the relationship even more. You appreciate having some company and realize how great a relationship it is. You might have been oblivious to how many great relationships kept, but once you have had time away from people, you notice how valuable they are to you.

Being yourself is key to healthy living. Call it pretense, but everyone has multiple personalities, depending on who we are around and how we feel. Not having to stick up to so many people, during a short period, you could find out your real likes, dislikes, and hidden hobbies. You get to be yourself, and it is nothing but a state of pure bliss. Get in touch with your emotions, (comma instead of that)(;) a side you never thought existed and such. When you stay alone often, you’re your own person and not anyone else’s personal pleaser.

Pushing everyone close to you away just to enjoy these is beside my point. Just to make myself clear, being alone comes with a lot of merits. People will call you all sort of names like the loner, social misfit, and more. At some point, you’ll have to embrace it and focus on yourself. It turns your independence up a notch. Nobody has your back

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