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Grocery Display in Foyer-Utilizing Displays
1) Grocery Display in Foyer-Utilizing Displays
Giant Eagle is a Pittsburgh, PA based Grocery Store. In its Morgantown, WV is a foyer that is 40’ x 12’ where shopping carts are available. In addition to the shopping carts, this area is also used as an extension to the inside selling space of the store. This week a back to school themed display of products are displayed. On the wall next to the physical opening of the store there are four rows of shelving, each 16 feet long. Product on this shelving includes, lunch boxes, notebooks, backpacks, binders, pens, pencils, and many other school supplies. On the shelves shelf stripping is placed that has graphics of chalk boards, and school busses. They say “Back to School”. On the other side of the store entrance is an additional 4 rows of shelving, with each row being 12’ in length. These shelves contain: drink boxes, pudding snacks, lunch size packages of potato chips and snacks, as well as several other school lunch appropriate items. Shelf danglers on these shelves say “Perfect for School Lunches”. Lastly, there is a display in the middle of the foyer that contained a school desk complete with a stack of books, a lunch box, and various other items that were all nostalgic in nature.

With sales being crucial to any retail establishment, this display presents several opportunities for Giant Eagle. First and foremost, the obvious delay of entering the store, allows customers to view and select items for sale in the foyer. There is stiff competition for a piece of the back to school business. Since customers generally shop in larger department stores like Wal Mart or Target for these items, Giant Eagle needs to come out bold in order to corner a piece of this market. The display appeared well organized. Many customers were remarking about the display. The company utilized displays to drive sales. Giant Eagle should utilize their point of sale system to track how school supplies sold prior to the construction of the display and then the sales after the display was built to test this theory.

2) Frozen Food End Caps-Utilizing Adjacencies
Giant Eagle has large Freezers with glass doors at the end of their frozen food aisle. The freezers contained Ice Cream that was on sell. Next to this display were free standing iron stands that held wicker baskets. In each wicker baskets that held ice cream toppings of all kinds. There were sauces in every flavor; chocolate, strawberry, caramel, butterscotch and even blueberry. Additionally there were nuts, sprinkles, and cherries. Stacked on the top of the display were ice cream cones and waffle sundae bowls. Utilizing adjacencies can help entice customers to purchase additional items.

The display appeared to be successful as several customers who bought ice cream also bought at least one of the adjacent items. More importantly, people

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