Gender Case
Essay Preview: Gender Case
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gender vs sex (how to perfomr your sex? biological)
gender more malleable, can vary form society to society on how you perform our gender
gender identity (how you identified male/female etc)
gendered identity (how you experience your gender. eg because they are male or female, they should behave in a certain way)
gender as culturally specific (what it means to be a man varies around the world)
Thai Rocky
socio economic class
masculinity (morality, honour, dignity,prestige, status)
Cowboys in paradise
gender inequality
sexual morality
cultural stereotype – the marketing of bali as paradise
orientalism (edward Said) for swedish girl, black skin is more sexual, use of magic and secret objects that improve sex, guy no need six pacs as he has good energy

Globalisation (sex tourism, commercialization of sex) (eg batam, thailand, sex tourism heightened by globalisation and the ease of movement. Many patrons actually transient users of sex, people who buy sex for one night and move on

Javanese women and the veil
empowerment: Politics, increased their mobility
kinship and family (what your family thinks of your identity can affect the way you perfom your identity)
education (all go through compulsory religious education, by wearing a veil shows that you understand more about your veil
4. Discuss the ways in which globalisation both historically and in the present have moulded gendered identities in SEA
Thesis statement: gendered identity, or the way people experience their masculinity and femininity has been altered and shaped by external influences. This essay will demonstrate this by discussing, sex tourism, colonialisation and the arrival of world religion.

globalisation is the flow of people,
global feminist/ gender rights activism
point 1: Sex tourism.
Topic Sentence: explain link between globalization and sex tourism, followed by sex tourism can alter the power dynamics between men and women
Example 1: Bali, western women feel empowered when they can go to Bali and buy sex/romance. At the same time, local ideas of men as providers for the family is reinforced.

Example 2: Batam/ Thailand – many of the women fored into sex trade, sexually objectified and powerless in terms of having no social mobility
point 2:arrival of world religions
Topic Sentence: Arrival of world religions to the region brought certain rules and codes of conduct that dictated the way men or women behaved Before islamic influence (Anthony Reid – Pre islam SEA)

Example 1: Veiling
Example 2: OWC
Example 3: Women perceived as not equal to men in Buddhist hierarchy

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