Formalnd Case ,service Management
Service delivery system: They have both front and backstage staffs. Since the staffs are trained for their respective jobs and assignments this makes the front line staffs different from the back stage staffs. At their restaurants and bistros, their back stage staffs are those in the kitchen while front stage staffs are those serving the customers and those writing of calculating the bills and taking reservations.

Service package: The type of service offered by the the type of processes that goes on in the formland fair is people-processing because the customers have to go themselves in to the restaurants, conference halls football fields etc in order to get their satisfaction The service encounters range is high-contact . The primary product (core product) they sell is food and drinks in their restaurants and bistros, entertainment in their football halls, conference rooms, cinema hall etc and secondary products are services like nice tables to eat on, food service, resting room, etc.

The service consumption stage:
Stage 1 (pre-purchase stage): the customer goes to the Formland fair and looks at what they want and they make their decisions.
Stage 2 (service encounter): the customer gives their orders and the payment is done.
Stage 3 (post encounter): the customer is either satisfied or unsatisfied from the service done by the staffs.
Image and Profile: They have different prices and discounts depending in the time in which a customer books his or her ticket. Wheel chairs are provided to individuals with disabilities and all the different activities make the area interesting to be visited.

Target group: They sell to individuals but in some areas children are not allowed. And they make their decisions.
The culture in the organization: All the customers are served on the table by the staffs. Customers are to book their table at the restaurant in order to avoid congestion.(siekiant isvengti spusciu.)

From my own point of view the second questions is asking for the type of services offered by the fair and the flower of services will be used to answer the question.

Information: They provide customers with relevant information regarding Formland activities. They also give customers directions, warnings, service hours, prices, confirmation of reservation and receipts to the various activities in Formland.

Order taking: They provide customers with reservations, check-in and customers provide their insurance, bank and personal information relevant for the application process.

Billing: Customers are provided with their bills or total expenses after they have used the facilities.
Payments: Machines are available in which customers can insert coins, bank cards and tokens etc when paying for the service they had. Coupons might be also used or by electronic means when shopping or paying online.

Consultation: They have a customer service that can provide advices and answer questions asked by customers to give them in making decisions.
Hospitality: When customer come to the fair they are welcomed and greeted friendly with smiles and this create a hospitable atmosphere. Toilet and washrooms are provided to customers, newspapers too.

Safekeeping: Customers are given assistance when they are visiting sites in the fair i.e a pet care, parking, coat roam, storage space and security personnel

Exceptions: Customers can ask for special request related to personal needs, if normal service delivery fails to run well customers can complain and solutions are given to the situation.

3) From my point of view I am asked to talk on the problems that might occur is the workers do no do their work well or things that might happen that

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