Chinese Etiquette
In China, the etiquette of people meeting varies with ages and occupations. Here are some basic suggestions that may be of help.When talking about Chinese speech style, except for some specific situations, such as classes, lectures and so on, most of Chinese are approachable when they are communicating with you. For the people who work in service industry, not only do they need to speak politely, but also cautiously.Chinese prefer to call people’s full name. However, a title with a full name or a last name is often used in certain situations. Using correct title will be important in these cases, too. It is very impolite for the young to call the elder without titles. In China, nicknames are usually used among a group of people who are very familiar with each other, which can show their close relationship. In terms of the service industry, the servers will call their customers “Sir” or “Madam”.

When it comes to greeting, Chinese usually just wave their hands and briefly say “hi”. But in service industry, the servers often make a bow as well as give a warm welcome to the customers, which is not as casual as the daily life. In informal situations, it is not common for Chinese to have a handshake with each other, especially for the young. However, in the formal situations, like the conferences, business work or the first meeting with important persons, making a handshake is considered to be vital. Eye contact is another essential factor in conversations. People of different ages have various opinions in this protocol. The young like to use eye contact to show their respect to others. However, the old seldom use it due to bashfulness.In terms of the proximity, Chinese act similarly. Fifty centimeters is a great distance for most of them. However, in service industry, they always keep the customers one meter away in order to make a bow and show their respect.Then what is the suitable topic? The answer depends on your age and occupation.  The kids like to talk about the new cartoons or funny toys, while the teenagers prefer to chat with their friends about their hobbies and something interesting happened in school. Parents often pay more attention to the new policies, work and the family . The old care about their health and the children’s life most. The farmers always start their conversations with the weather or the price of produce.

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