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How to Start Own Pizza Store
Physical EvidenceMall parking, exterior of RestaurantUniformed staff,  Waiting area seating arrangementAir Conditioned , Music PostersPaintingPlatesCutleryNapkin,Pans FloorMenu bill-DeskFood deliveryFood Sauce SpicesBill WaitBell RingCustomerActionsArrive at my own pizza storeSelect dine in optionReceive menu and wait for attendant 2min[pic 1]Give OrderReceive Order[pic 2]Serve Food [pic 3]Eating done and asked For billWaitfor 10 minPay bill and leave[pic 4]Line of interaction[pic 5][pic 6]Onstage ContactPerson -WaiterGreet [pic 7][pic 8]Inquire about takeaway [pic 9]or dine inShowed the way to tableTake food order commit [pic 10]to serve in 10 minDelivery of food servedAsk for More orderPrepare for billProcess  the bill paidLine of visibility [pic 11][pic 12]Backstage contact person – receptionist Check in[pic 13]Process Food order[pic 14]Check out[pic 15]Line of internal interaction Support processRegistration process     Prepare foodRegistration process

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