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Does anyone remember a series of creepy videos from maybe the early 2000s? Back before YouTube became a big thing. I want to say they were called the Bachman tapes or something that had a connection to Stephen King or one of his books. I remember there being a few websites and blogs that broke down the videos in details but I cant find any of those sites anymore.

There were a hand full of videos, kind of like they were in a series but each one wasnt directly related. One video was about a girl videotaping the back door of a house while something is knocking at it but she cant see it. The one I can remember was about two guys standing in a living room or den. It looked like it was filmed with an old analog camcorder because the footage was grainy and had a yellowish tint to it. We can hear a TV or radio in the room and it is tuned into a news program. The cameraman had the camera is zoomed in to a spot over the other guys shoulder. We only see his face from the nose down. The spot the camera is zoomed into is the door to a kitchen in the back of the room. We can see into the kitchen and all the way to the back wall. The guy on camera turns around to face the kitchen and they talk back and forth a bit about their set up and eventually the cameraman says he is ready to turn around too. The camera slowly pans around the room until it lands on a mirror that was directly behind it. We get a quick glimpse of the cameraman himself before he steps to the side and we see the back of the guy on camera in the mirror. The cameraman tells the guy to hold still while he zooms in. The guy on camera asks if he see “it” yet. The cameraman does he best job to recreate the shot that we saw before the camera turn around. The camera pans up to over the guys shoulder again. As it pans up we see what looks like a white face, black eyes and a gaping black mouth suspended in mid air staring back at the camera from the far side of the kitchen. The guy on camera asks the cameraman if he sees it and the cameraman ask “dont you?” The man on camera says only in the mirror. The cameraman says he is going to whip the camera back and forth really quick. The camera then quickly darts back around so we are looking directly into the kitchen instead of it in the mirror. It darts back to the mirror and we see the person again. It does this a few more time really quickly to show that the face in the kitchen isnt just a person jumping in and out of view when the camera is turning around. The cameraman stops whipping the camera and focuses on the face. He says that he is going to zoom in but before he gets to the face dissolves out of frame. The video abruptly end when the cameraman say what the fuck.

The news program stands out in my mind because I remember one of the websites that talked about this video did some research and said no one could figure out what news program it was or who the anchor was. The broadcast

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