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Religion Case
Essay Preview: Religion Case
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We have longed to make sense of our life, how do we find the keys that unlock and enable us to understand ourselves and our planet within the scheme of how things work. While we face trial and tribulation of our own where do we find courage and comfort? People seek something bigger and better for themselves. Millions search in different ways to find the answers to lifes questions, but in the end and in every aspect of life it becomes about our religious beliefs. Almost every aspect of life can become the raw material out of which a religious interpretation of life may be built. There are multiple religions that earth has to offer each presented in different teachings, scriptures and traditions. It is necessary for all to be committed to a religion to actually understand and be grateful to what it teaches us.

One way to observe religious practices is by actually experiencing it. To take part in something that you believe has a greater meaning and can result in a multitude of life experiences and lessons. The interpretation of this experience will lead to you making sense of things that happen and determine if it was by accident or if it was just suppose to be that way. Living this life would give insight on how people live, why people do what they do and why do people believe what they believe. The take away of seeing things and a particular set of values involves becoming one with that particular religion and as much as possible be fully engaged with all the religious activities of your religion. Having their faith reinforced on a daily basis is a threshold of believing in what you are practicing and seeing a change. The next criteria that I would look for to see if people on earth are religious would be looking to see how committed people are to their religion and practices. Attending church, prayer, fellowship daily life activities would give some

Indication of how committed those who say they are religious really are to being separated from the world in which they live in. The world is full of things that go against what each religion believes and stands on so it would be imperative to see how those who believe interact with unbelievers. Commitment will be the primary means of seeking out the real relationship ones says they have within their belief. The last would be the amount of time that is spent praying, do you have a certain time or place to pray. Prayer is very important to those who are religious because it is said to be a way of communicating with so without it how can one truly say that they are religious or have a relationship with God without praying.

Base upon observation we can conclude that religion on earth does exist, many people practice it and follow what they believe. In instances and cases where you see lack thereof it is a major difference in the living conditions and or standards of those individuals. Earth has so many moving parts and many different ways of getting to a

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