The Worst Is Yet to Come
Cower before my fortress tall,A place where all omens befallA monumental epitome of sinFeel the darkness rising deep within.But if you still feel paranoid,Don’t you look inside the voidAcross the silhouettes of the dead,Enough reasons to be afraid.Trespassers will be guillotinedSanctify the soul your mind has sinned.Poaching thoughts will not standI sure do hope you understand.Yet you dare venture my cranial realmsSearch for answers, look for names.Pollute my mind with anger and hateAmidst the surge of question and debate.Like all scavengers of information,You reach the heights of infiltration.Your curiosity exceeds my toleranceMust do something drastic in defense.So the walls start closing inIt’s time to trap you from within.Nowhere left to hide, nowhere left to runYour nightmare has only just begun.But don’t be afraid, worse has been endured by someRust in peace my friend, for the worst is yet to come.When caught loitering in restricted territoryWrong place, wrong time – always the same old story.Ignite my anger with your delayAnd more punishments will come your way.Harness power from the hate I harvest,Three words combined lay a relation to waste.Be it friend or foe, no mercy is shownI’ve come this far because I choose to walk alone.You can’t quench your thirst of arrogance,In these vistas, ignorance makes all sense.Don’t bother things that don’t concern youSecrets you will wish that you never knew.So don’t tear me open or pour me outThere are things inside that scream and shout.You want forgiveness and you want it cheapBut what you sow is what you reap.Once I forget, once may be a mistake,Twice means no regret, it puts your life at stake.Ignorance is bliss till you know what to believeRemember this forever and I may just allow you to live.If there’s a new way, I’ll be the first in lineBut till then, my friend, don’t even bother trying.So beware the nuclear portals of my mindYou never know what you may just find.Nowhere left to run, nowhere left to hideNever try to learn the things that in you I don’t confide.But don’t be afraid, as this is just an ultimatumRust in peace my dear, for the worst is yet to come.

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