Senior Year
Essay title: Senior Year
Senior Year
Senior year of high school can be a fun, exciting, and sometimes scary time for everyone. It is important to make sure you take the right classes and do well in them in order to graduate. Students should also have fun and spend time with friends considering they will not see each every day when high school is over. Searching for the right college and directing your future is a very important aspect of most people’s senior year. Furthermore, senior year is a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Taking the right classes and doing well in them is an important task each senior must take on. In Gillespie High School, students are required to have twenty-three credits in order to graduate. Students must also keep in mind that they have to have a certain number of credits in each subject. Studying and making good grades can make this an easy task. Having enough credits and taking the necessary classes are important during anyone’s senior year.

Spending spare time with friends and having a good time are equally as important as doing well during senior year. Most people go off to college after high school and the friends you have in high school go their separate ways as well. It is essential to spend time with your friends and have fun because students will not be able to see their friends every day after high school. Likewise, having fun is important, too. Students should go out when ever they can before they have to be out on their own and in the real world. Making lasting bonds with friends and enjoying

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