Gap Analysis: Global CommuncationsEssay Preview: Gap Analysis: Global CommuncationsReport this essayGlobal Communications is a telecommunications company that is currently going through a financial crisis. Stockholders are on edge because stock values during the last three years have fallen to $11 per share from a profitable $28 per share. The Board of Directors is expecting the Senior Staff Team to come up with solutions as soon as possible. Therefore, desperate measures need to be implemented as soon as possible to decrease expenses and increase revenues and profits.

The Senior Staff and the Senior Leadership teams had a meeting, which resulted in the Senior Leadership team developing an aggressive two-step approach to target local and long distance services to small businesses and consumer customers and finding ways to cut expenses and increase revenues and profits. The first step was to form alliances with satellite and wireless providers to offer video services, satellite, and Internet access to existing and new customers. The second step was to be more aggressive in marketing its services both nationally and internationally.

The President spoke with the Chief Executive Officer, Katrina, after a meeting with the Board of Directors and she sent an email to the Senior Leadership team to let them know, according to the University of Phoenix Week Four Scenario (2007), “The Board has approved our plan! I just spoke with the President, who said the Board completely agrees that we need to enter and compete in local markets AND step up our globalization. They loved the idea of moving some of our technical call centers to India and Ireland (remember, our business case showed that in setting up new centers, we have the opportunity to reduce unit costs for handling calls by nearly 40%) and thought it clearly supported our strategy to transform into a global corporation within three years.”


This is an important example that the recent election has emboldened the leadership in this sector. Many of the board members have been urging us to increase our global exposure & to bring other companies into the new leadership. We are already seeing such a shift in leadership this year and I think it was well received by most of these leaders and CEOs. Many feel the time has come for them to take on their old jobs. I am pleased with the time that they were able to do so, but I think we should keep our current position as partners and be more assertive and assertive as we have been.‭

As you and your team has reported, they were able to successfully implement this plan to push us to become a major player in this market and become a global brand and make it more attractive to the rest of the world. Even in their home countries, the world was more aggressive about the level and scope of our business operations. We can and should move to invest in our global business opportunities while in countries that invest more in business operations that offer higher levels of competition.‮

For the past ten years, we have made significant advancements. The new CEO who replaced Larry Page (former CEO of Google) has put our company into a stronger position. When I entered the Board, we saw growth of 4x within the US based business sector and this made them a valuable member of our team. My next step will involve taking our company into new markets for global expansion and leveraging our technology and expertise to expand the US global reach. That should now be our focus. 

We will continue to invest in our operations to expand the range of our services and become competitive in our services. We now employ more than 1,500 people on average and have a long-term outlook for expansion, new products, and new products that are based around the principles of our international approach. That will be our main objective. I remain committed to increasing our strategic focus and expanding our reach into the future.⃩

My other key goal was to work with the president, who understands that the American consumer is a part of the mix and will take care of it. The President listened very strongly to my voice and has called upon us to do this. She believes we can help create our national impact and create new products to build new customer bases. In addition, I believe we have developed synergies with other businesses in Asia and that our company is a strong leader in that area.⃪

We have invested over $1 billion to support both of our core and out of the Box services. Each of those investments is to help our company grow in the Asia & the Americas markets and be a truly global business leader.⃫

Our business will grow across many different levels of operations, including being a global brand and to deliver higher quality for consumers.&#8428

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