Career Goals
After four lectures and two sessions of tutorial class, I have gained a lot from this course. I find the importance of identifying the career goals, self management, and communication in construction of my personal career path. I am going to discuss these aspects in the following paragraphs. In addition, I will analyze the abilities I need to develop and the steps I will take to achieve these abilities.

Career goals are really important for an individuals career. Clarifying goals could help a person to determine the emphasis of self training and development as well as the choice of his career path. During the first class, we did a small exercise on identifying the career values. After the exercise, I found I put values concerning self development and self realization in higher ranking place. Thanks to the class I am now quiet clear how will I choose my internship for the gap year and how will I develop myself in the future career. Meanwhile, from the personal feedback and information interview, I found myself a person who fancy the challenges in work. I was also informed of the importance of choosing a proper career path from the interview. I realize the fact that a fitting career path could do a lot to my career and make my life easier.

As for the self management part, I find I have a lot to do with it. People who are successful in self management can obtain many benefits from it without any doubt. However, the problem is that inertia always prevent people from self management. Taking myself for example, I am usually obsessed with TV series and online games and not willing to finish the assignments until the approaching of deadline. While I find most people share the same problem with me. Maybe they are obsessed with other things, they just obstructed by anything but not work. Things are the same when they come to the career choice and planning. We often start too late to plan and prepare for our careers. Although I spent one year in an exchange program in France, I found I waste a lot of time doing nothing but going to soirées or simply doing nothing. Then I found I had no time for internship as I have to finish the courses after I went back to China. I found everything in such a hurry. Although I managed to apply for EDHEC at last, a lack of internship experience troubles me now when I apply for internships.

From the personal feedback and information interview, people told me how important communication is at work or in daily life. It is indeed critical to develop communication skills to deliver your ideas effectively and efficiently. I sometimes find it really hard in communication either because of the language or because of the techniques needed. As we are studying in France now, I think it vital to have a good command of French. Good language skill helps a lot both in internship searching and in daily communication with surrounding people.

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