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Self-Esteem: How to build it
Since our early years self-esteem has been a huge issue among our society ;whether it be it be, young children, teenagers, or elders. It has become dramatically hard for people like us to not get caught up in this dilemma. Because there is so many ways someone can cause you to have low self-esteem. Then there is the other perspective; high self- esteem, which can be thought to be a good thing. High self- esteem can be a huge issue as well. You may ask your self why?, but high-self esteem can cause people to be conceded or over confident and this can cause a problem. Therefore in order to be in the right state of mind, when speaking of self-esteem may become hard.

We might ask our selves, how does a person get low self-esteem. What we do not realize is that the people causing this can be the closest people to us. The people that surrounds us on our daily lives. our own family can be hurting us without them noticing, for example you can feel they do not pay enough attention to you or that they do not congratulate you when you accomplish something great in your life; this can make you feel like an outcast. A an illustration a child who was getting treated with a lot of love and would get plenty of attention, this can be great, but unfortunately once a new born comes along so many things can change. Since the child is much too young to comprehend that the new born needs his/her attention, in the long run this will turn into an issue. The child can feel ignored or unwanted, and this will sadly turn into low

self-esteem An other person in your life that can be causing you low self-esteem can be your husband or wife. When this person enters your life, both of you should have intense respect for each other and show a lot of love toward each other no matter what is the circumstance; unfortunately this type of things do not occur when in a stable relationship. Perhaps your partner complains about your appearance and this can become into one huge issue, because you will then see yourself a an ugly person. In most occasions the person whom is being attacked with the complaints about his/her appearance will try to satisfy the other partner by trying to look good, but if the other partner does not seem to notice or says that you will never that beautiful person you once were. This is when the real problem occurs and one of them can end up with low self-esteem. Therefore sometimes the people around you whom you love can be the ones causing you to have such low self-esteem.

Having low self-esteem can be very difficult, and it really is a serious problem. It can cause a tremendous amount of conflicts, when socializing with others. Because when having low self-esteem, you come off as a very shy and quiet person, who does not even want give your opinion because you have become afraid, and the last thing you want is for someone to tell you something mean or uncalled for. When you reach the point to where you feel worthless and you consider yourself o be ugly and so on. This is when some people can do the most awful things, you begin to feel so lonely and unwanted that you stop caring for your self. Even though you try your best to grab attention or to show others that you are capable of doing great things, and you think they do not notice then this is when the real mess occurs. It is very sad to say that the first solution to put them selves in a better position is to commit suicide. Most people who make the choice to kill them selves are people who suffer from low self-esteem. This is one of the most

frightful things that a person can do to them selves, but they just reach the point to were they
think no one care for them. At times they might not even notice how much they are hurting them selves, possibly they are in a really strict diet, which can cause them a huge health problem; or it can be the opposite they do not care for their appearance they begin to gain weight, once again they are hurting their health. Without them taking to notice, they are killing them selves slowly. Low self-esteem can drive people to attempt such unsatisfying decisions, and it is real there is so many situations like this all over the world.

Low self-esteem can be very different depending on your age, or depending in what stage of your life you stand. Like when dealing with a Childs self esteem, their self esteem problem is not as noticeable since they are so young. At times the parent of the child can think that their behavior is normal. Because a child is growing and they think that it is a stage they must go, through, but sometimes it can be something more serious. Like when you child does not want to go to school, and does not exactly know why; or when a child is too quiet and does not attempt to speak to others. Both of this conflicts an be a cause of low self-esteem, Maybe the child is being teased in school or they are having a test that they believe they can not pass because they were called dumb or any other unpleasant word. All of this can a problem beginning from the age of 4 to 11, these type of situations can be very serious, and it can be causing them low self-esteem. When a child is young and a person is being mean or disrespectful to them this can hurt them very much. As time goes by it is as they absorb all the bad things that occurred in their life and it can affect them in the long run. This is exactly why parents need to pay extra attention to their child and help them understand certain situations.

In order to help your child develop a beneficial self-esteem you need to actually take your
time and listen them, ask them questions to know exactly were they stand. Also accept that your child is not perfect and they do mistakes, do not get horrified when you hear they got one thing wrong out of three; understand that we are not perfect and do not stop and yell at them for nothing. An other thing would be to the proper discipline and set limits for their self-esteem, let them know that they are following your rules and that you are very proud of them. at all times when your child has done something positive, no matter what situation you are in, you should always congratulate them for their greatness. Allow them to make certain independent decisions, this shall boost up their self esteem and help them feel very capable of doing things in their life. These are only a few tips on how to help a child develop a positive self- esteem.

The low self-esteem in a teenager is quite a bit different from a childs. Once you have entered your teenage years being 13 to 19, you will begin to see things much more different than when you were young. It has been said that these are the ages in which you explore things that are very on common to you. You might

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