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Many people think that the security cameras are a threat to their privacy as the security cameras are appearing everywhere today like at shopping malls, roads, colleges, jewellery shops, even in houses or outside the houses also. people mainly think that they will be recorded everywhere where there is a surveillance camera and they feel embarrased about recorded in it. for example, if your neighbours are having cctv cameras outside of their house and when any crime has committed at their house they firstly check the security cameras which are at outside and checks all the persons recorded in it even you havent committed any crime.thats why people feel that security cameras are a threat to privacy.

But the truth is the security cameras have more advantages than its faults. those cameras will help you in finding the culprits who have committed the crime,help the police in finding the evidences in important case like missing cases, robbery cases, death mysteries etc. for example, you went to a shopping mall and bought a necklace worth 2 lakh rupees and it was robbed by someone and you have made the complaint at police station. then the security cameras will help police in finding the culprit and they (police)do it and they return your necklace safely to you. like this security cameras will help you in solving so many cases by serving as an evidence. security cameras can make the culprits do not commit a crime and keep us safer.

Coming to the conclusion, security cameras are useful and helpful in many cases. so, people have to realise about security cameras, their role in solving cases and how much they are important for us. even they cause some emabarrasing feeling they are a safety point to our lives. “safety is first privacy is next”

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