Gcse Music Ocr Composition Log
[pic 1][pic 2]GCSE Music Log and Evaluation  (Unit B352)Candidate Name:     Candidate Number: Centre Name:     Manor Learning Trust                    Centre Number:     27144/1Area of Study:        Shared Music          Brief or Initial Intentions (this must include your intended choice of resources):    I will compose a piece for a trumpet in b flat, a horn in F and a tuba, as I know a lot about these instruments as I play a brass instrument. The tuba will play the bass line whereas the other two parts with play the melody alternatively. I will write the piece in ternary form with section A in C major. I also hope to include call and response in some parts of my composition between the trumpet and the horn. I plan my piece to be a fan fair as I know brass instruments often play fan fairs because the sound they produce suits a fan fair style.Log of process and or progress (include any support provided by teacher or technology)DATEPROGRESSNOTES (include advice given/targets)1)19/09/14I have started to experiment with call and response in the first 4 bars between the horn and the trumpet.I have started the piece in C major but I am looking to write a second section in a different key, possible G major.I have no real structure or form in place yet, but I am looking at ternary form (ABA), so the first section is similar to the final section.Currently the horn and trumpet share the melody with the tube playing the bass line.Include third note of chord in every bar where possible.Avoid big note pitch differences. Experiment with triplet quavers to link bars.Careful of overlapping the 2 melody instruments.2)26/09/14I have begun to start a second section using chords G,C AND D.In section 1 I have started to add dynamics so I get a good contrast between sections.In the second section I plan to make the section quieter than the 1st, like a second movement in a concerto.At the end of bar 13 the Horn will play a triplet to make the jump between notes less noticeable to the listener.In bar 4 all the parts join together with a 3rd to signal the beginning of section 1 after a small introduction.Discussion about opening introduction and how to create exact imitation between horn and trumpet. Also spoke about adding minor chords into section A , possible A minor and D minor as it is harmonically safe but could be to safe and I may need to explore other chords.3)30/09/14I changed the introduction (bars 1 and 3) so that the final note in each bar is a minim so it fills the whole bar. Also I made sure the last note is a 5th of the note played by the bass as it sounded nice and full. I also use imitation in these first 3 bars.I have added a lead up to signal the start of the main melody, played by the horn.I have added some dynamics to the piece but I am not entirely sure if I will keep the ones I have chosen as I would like the listener to notice a contrast in dynamics between sections A and B, which I have not yet completed yet.Spoke about a possible melody to be played by the tuba to add a variety sounds to the tune.Maybe add techniques such as cannons and sequences in section B.Possible use of the opening “fan fair” to signal end of section A which leads into the start of section B in G major.4)03/10/14I have given the main tune to the tuba in bar 13 so the listener can hear a clear melody, and also so the tuba is not just playing semi briefs.In bar 15 the trumpet has a little sequence section before reaching its chord with the other 2 parts.Discussed about adding 8 extra bars at the end of section A. 1st 4 bars which will be identical to the introduction, and the 2nd 4 bars with the chords C, A minor, D minor, G7 and C5)17/10/14I have completed the second section in the key change to G major.The 8 extra bars have been added at the end of section A to show the section is coming to a close. I have started to repeat section A after I have just finished applying the finishing touches to sections A and B.Apply dynamics that suit the shape and melody of the piece. Add minor chords, possible E minor and A minor.6)21/10/14Today I have completed my first draft of my composition. The repeated section A at the end of the piece, has some key features of the opening section A, such as the fan fair and the main melody, played by the horn starting in bar 5 of section A.As well as this, in the repeated section A, I have developed the bass line so it is not playing simple semi briefs, and this gets boring to listen to.Add dynamics that suit the shape and melody of the piece.Check through the whole composition to see if I’ve made any silly mistakes that can easily be changed.7)24/10/14I have gone through my composition and added the finishing touches, making sure all the notes in each bar sound nice and warm.No feedback given.

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