Chikuba Secondary School – Design Process Models
Essay Preview: Chikuba Secondary School – Design Process Models
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BUSINESS PROPOSALApplicant Company’s information Name of company:The Network Youth ParadiseProject title:Network radio Station Project start date:Project end date:Name of project manager:Charles Banda  Contact number:+260977920670Email:[email protected]. of staffNo table of contents entries found.Table of contents (Executive summaryincludesMission statement Goals and objectives Marketing Financial statement Commencement Proposed housing design SanitationPersonal and staff structure Profile Executive summaryThe description of the businessVision???The company’s mission statement Chikuba secondary school’s mission is to provide quality secondary education to the residents of Kanyama Compound. It will be dedicated to building long- term relationships with the residents of Kanyama Comound through quality education through the support from its residents and wants to be recognized as the leading school in the area. The company’s goal is to grow steadily becoming profitable by the second year of operation. Goals and ObjectivesOur objective is to provide a focused and effective contribution to the development of the education sector in the country particularly in the education industry. Our aim is to provide quality education to the residents of Kanyama compound. Our aim of providing quality education to the residents of kanyama compound and will involve the use of qualified teachers from recognized institutions. Our company is at the start-up stage of business and looking forward to growing it.Market Chikuba secondary school shall be located in Kanyama Compound in Lusaka about 500 meters from the main road. We believe that by concentrating on one market it will deliver a service that is the best to anything currently in the compound. Research shows that very few schools are located in the area and it can be the fastest growing school. We aim to expand with the years into other towns as we continue on developing and expanding the education industry. Considering the population growth in the country and the improper pupil-teacher ratio.

A new study on education has called on the Zambian government to do more to ensure more resources are allocated to education to view of erratic donor funding to the sector.The study entitled “ Zambia: Effective delivery of publicservices”  by African governance monitoring and advocacy project ( Afri MAP) says the level of funding for the Zambian education sector significantly explains poor service delivery in quantity.The reports contend that although budget allocation to the education sector has risen over the years from 17% in 2008 to 25% in 2010, this is still not enough. It has major challenges faced by the sector as poor planning and implementation.The studies also calls on the government to focus on reducing the pupilteacher ratio which has impacted negatively on quality education, and improve the conditions of service for teachers.The study also calls on civil society to focus on ensuring that investment in education is priotised, especially given the fact that Zambia has the leverage to address the financial shortfall in the education sector.Giving a summary of Zambian education, more schools are needed in the country and the school in kanyama compound will be the best to start from to increase the number of private schools in the country especially in compounds like Kanyama compound. Financial statement School fees 1pupil- 850 *20= 17000*6 classes =102 000 (this one must be on income)S/NDescription@ K per studentSchool fees20 pupils per class90CM digital satellite Dish49 in LG LED TV15000Air ConditionsExpensesS/NDescriptionCost per UnitQuantitySalaries 150069000Financial analysisTotal IncomeLess total ExpensesProfit / lossSalary 1teacher – 2500*5=012500Salary accountant 3500Chalk – 15*5=75Duster – 20*5= 100Rule – 50*5= 250Paper- 40*6= 240Toilet tissue – 80*6= 480Disinfectants – 100 * 6classes =600Total of 17 745The business will make profits

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