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Smoking is killing addicts and their loved ones. Every time an addict puffs away on a cigarette or any tobacco product they are killing themselves from all of the harmful chemicals that are in these products. According to an article in Care Notes, smoker are at a higher risk of having heart problems and some types of cancer later in life. Being a smoker just takes minutes, days, and even years off of the life they could have had if they did not smoke. Smoking is recognized as the one most preventable death causes know to man, at this time. Smoking kills four hundred and thirty thousand seven hundred people in America in one year, reported in the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. Also, smoking can make the addict infertile or can interfere with the conception process. If there is smoking going on while pregnant it can cause birth defect and pre-mature births to acre. Fourteen percent of pre-mature births and ten percent of infant death or steal born is all caused by smoking while pregnant. Even if the mother doesnt smoke while they are pregnant but are around people that smoke these things can still happen just because of the second hand smoke emitted from the smoker. Smoking also causes the addict to have vitamin deficiencies which intern cause the immune system to weaken.

Being and addict, and trying to hide it is not a smart thing, there are so many symptoms that reveal the damage caused by smoking. A nagging morning cough may be one sign of the tobacco habit. Other symptoms include shortness of breath, wheezing, and frequent occurrences of respiratory illness, such as bronchitis. Smoking also increases fatigue and decreases the smokers sense of smell and taste. Smokers are more likely to develop poor circulation, with cold hands and feet and premature wrinkles, occur from this .

Sometimes the illnesses that result from smoking come on silently with little warning. For instance, coronary artery disease may exhibit few or no symptoms. At other times, there will be warning signs, such

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