Essay title: Harlam
It was second day in Netherlands..and u could say that it was fun..Though MUN was a bit boring because it was just lobbying..and I usually hate lobbying…I don know why..coz maybe I have never done that before..Anyways thanx Allah Mian that I did not fall a sleep which I was about to fall….The main bad thing which happenend in the morning was that while trying the bicycle, XX fell off and got a severe foot injury… she was like so nervous that what can I say..neways she is very brave and cope up with the situation ..I am proud of her..if I was at her place..I maybe start to cry..but Allah ne bohat buhadar behan dee hai…..us ne mehssooos hi nahi karaya kay usay chot lagi hai…magar haan ghar akar usay bohat xiada dard ho raha tha…I wish allah usay jald se jald theek ker day..mere us se laraee ya fir race sirf parhaee mein hai..otherwise I live her…..or aj muje iski

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