War of the Worlds Intro
War of the Worlds Intro
War of The Worlds
Mention the book to anyone, and you will probably get a recognizing look on their faces. Some know it as the ultimate prank, others as a sci-fi thriller, yet others remember the book as an eye opening alien invasion story that held your attention to the very last page. Whatever view you hold, the story has many ideals, points, and some even say objectives.

In short, the book follows the life of one man and his adventures in a narrative form. It allows you to go along for the ride in this man’s experiences with an alien invasion, right down to the bitter end. You find yourself seeing what he saw, feeling what he felt, and wishing the same things he wished for. All the while, exposing the world in a light that most people haven’t seen; revealing mankind’s weaknesses, strengths, classes, and downright ignorance. The author does not name the main character, allowing

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