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Ethics Article Review
In recent years, the concept of business ethics has become a large focal point for many organizations along with general public. In the aftermath of huge corporate scandals such as the Enron and Tyco International, companies are putting ethics training into overdrive and encouraging their employees to adopt ethical standards to conduce proper protocol. The contents of this paper will briefly summarize an article pertaining to ethics in accounting and relate the article to assigned readings. In addition there will be a discussion on how the articles concepts relate or apply to a familiar organization and recommendations will be made for improvement in the organization. Lastly this paper will explain the importance of ethics in accounting and financial decision making.

Integrity and Ethics
In Schreibers article, Its a matter of integrity – Professional Ethics; accounting, it makes note that ethics alone does not resolve the issues of fraud and inappropriate practices but that individual integrity also plays a role in the matter. Schreiber goes on to point out that yes, indeed there are ethical guidelines set in place for accounting professionals but in the end it boils down to the individuals integrity to stick to those guidelines and make the right decision for them and their client. In addition the article talks about that there is client pressure to bend the rules to get a favorable outcome. Along with this act being unethical it also degrades the integrity of the accounting professional who does it. Schreiber reviews that although there are a small number of those who lack ethics and integrity in the industry there still should be a commitment to education and enforcement in the matter.

Relating to Readings
Schreibers article ties into what is mentioned about ethics in accounting in chapter 1. The portion in chapter 1 also mentions that along with ethical guidelines, good judgment, and objectivity, integrity plays a part in creating fair and honest business practices. Albrecht et al. mentions in the chapter that sometimes accountants are often pressured to flex the rules a little (Accounting: Concepts and Applications, 2007). Schreiber attests to that very same occurrence in his article and mentions in addition to that, accountants are often asked to interpret the rules that are not consistent with spirit of those rules for the clients benefit (2007). Schreibers article makes the main point that ethics play a huge role in accounting due to the fact that accountants are public servants and the industry relies on public trust. This goes along with what Albrecht et al. mentions when it is pointed out that “high standards of ethical conduct are important, especially for accountants who assume a special responsibility to the public” (2005, p. 19).

Concepts Relating to Army Recruiting
Accounting does not play a big part in army recruiting however the concept of integrity is huge in the military in general. Integrity for the most part makes its appearance in almost all professions across the board. The armys interpretation of integrity is “Do whats right, legally and morally” (USAREC Form-1261). Although army recruiters do not serve as public servants as accountants are, recruiters are public figures in the

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