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Should Students Attend School Year Round? No
Education is one important factor in our society. Over the years there have been many proposed changes to the school system, in attempt to improve the education level of students. One that have been proposed is that “should students attend school year round?”

In my opinion, it will have a negative effect on students, and will be a greater strain on the economy. One thing that some experts say is that having shorter breaks allows students to retain more knowledge and perform better in school. But in my opinion I believe that more frequent breaks would cause more students to require an increasing amount of review for subjects, for as breaks become shorter more attention would be spent on personal recreation during such times. Skateboarding, football, going to the mall; these are but a few of the activities that would consume the majority of students during their time off, and subjects studied before hand would almost certainly be diminished to some degree.

Other experts say that more days in school will lead to more academic success, and better learning effectiveness. They even point out that in countries like Japan and the United Kingdom where students attend school year round as having the most educated students per capita in the world, but they fail to mention that it is the culture of those nations, and not the school systems that gear their people to such success, and not the school calendar. For it would be inconceivable to believe that Japanese students on any calendar would not continue to exceed the education standards of most other nations in the world.

Yet another example of why schools should not be attended year round is because in the summer it tends to be stiflingly hot in many areas, and a number of schools are not equipped with air conditioning. The sweltering heat that can be produced in

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