School Violence
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SCHOOL VIOLENCE.Nowadays, school violence is increasing dramatically, Furthermore, violent acts are mot only taking place on streets but in school systems as well.Let’s go to my presentation to understand clearly school violence.There are four main parts in my performance.1, what is school violence?2, Why does school violence happen?3, Negative effects of school violence.4, How to prevent school violence.Firts of all, what is school violence?School violence or bulying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person. It means that bullying is the act of hurting one person or a group of people repeatedly as a way for the bully to feel superior. Usually, bully is bigger or stronger than victim.Now, let’s follow my video to know clearly about school violence.As you see, school violence is extremely dangerous. In order to reduce eventually it, we must really understand causes and signs that lead to violent acts or why does school violence happen?The first reason is that students are infected with bad behaviour of objects outside the school, even the adults in the family. The second reason is The arrogant nature of a child. If a child is arrogant , he will tend to raise problems with his fellow classmates which could ultimately end up in a brawl.There are other simple reasons like: envy, jealousy, depression and hero. Some students think that they will become a hero after they win in ech competion.These reasons also can lead to violence in school.As you know, reasons lead to school violence are really simple, but effects of it are very dangerous. Then, i will show you negative effects of school violence.When students are bullied, they will feel panic. Then, they are always in worried emotions. It can lead students to be distract. So, they cannot learn well in their school end end up their future. Specially, some of them also choose die to finish violent situations.School violence has many negative effects. It is not only dangerous for themselve but also for society.In finally part, i will introduce how to prevent school violence.Firstly, talk to children.Children is only a child who has simple thinking and easily go deep into social criminal. Besides, always talking to children , parents and teachers must pay attention to them and watch closely over students.

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