School Uniforms
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School Uniforms.
School Uniforms is an issue that has been discussed for years because many people think they should be require in public schools, others dont agree. Here are three reasons why the school uniforms could be required in public schools. First, they are economical. Second, they set organizational and disciplinary standards. Third, uniforms help students develop a sense of unity.

At the end of August we go to the “back to school” sales in a number of stores. We buy t-shirts, pants, shoes, because we want to get ready for the new school term. This purchase might cost us a hundred dollars. Also, the winter comes and we buy at least two coats because we dont want to go to school with the same coat everyday. So we spend fifty dollars more. In contrast, school uniforms are much more economic. We buy one set at the beginning of the term, and with just a box of detergent we can keep our school uniforms clean for the entire year.

School uniforms can bring organization and discipline. In our days, if we go to a high school, we will see female students in very short or unbutton tops, tight pants, and high-heeled shoes, like if they were going to a party. Well also notice male students using their pants so loose that they can hardly walk. On the contrary, school uniforms will make necessary that students wear the same clothes eliminating inappropriate clothing. In addition, uniforms can prevent intruders. Since everyone is wearing the same

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