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School Uniforms, an on going debate continues currently in America regarding uniform policy suggested to public and private schools. Thinking about this issue has led me to believe that making school uniforms mandatory would help improve schools in this country in many ways. First and most important, school uniforms would eliminate the pressure of fitting in and relieve the tensions between the new students and those who are already there. A dress code will expedite the process of making new friends for the new students; the uniforms will help them feel a sense of belonging. A sense of unity will build within the school and students will feel as if they are a part of one whole team. Every student would have the opportunity to fit in and not have to worry if the look good for the “popular” students. Public schools should consider having uniforms due to many fights and controversies between students over what they wear. In my own experience, I know going to a school where what type of clothes you have make you popular or not, caused plenty of rude looks and talking. If my school had required uniforms for students, things would have probably ended up differently for many people. Public and private schools should be allowed to require students to wear uniforms.

Schools need to have the choice if their students should wear uniforms or not. I believe students should wear uniforms to school. It would eliminate most of the problems that occur between students today. Kids get into fights over the stupidest things like clothes, shoes, and who your friends are. There have been the times that I have had a conversation or two with my friends about someone that walks down the hall in a horrid outfit. Sometimes you cannot help yourself talking about someone else; it makes you feel better about you who are while putting the other person down. If public and private schools had the choice to make their students wear uniforms, it would make the atmosphere of school a better place to learn. Through out my high school experience, I know that others put down many people because of what they wore or if they did not have the expensive designer clothes as the popular students had. I would not consider myself as one of the popular ones in high school, but I did have the nice clothes that the popular people had. I just wished I could have helped the students that did not have the money to buy those types of clothes. Uniforms could have helped the people that could not afford the expensive clothes, and would have made them be just like the other students. Uniforms could have reduced a huge percent of people that dropped out because they were tormented by the people with money.

The majority of parents feel that school uniforms will help expedite the effort to guide our schools back in the right direction. The implementation of school uniforms has the potential to help bring under control the disciplinary problems found in our schools, and it can do so in many ways. It could end the needless violence that occurs from the strong-arm robberies and thefts at our schools. These senseless acts largely occur due to the designer clothing, expensive jewelry, and high cost brand name footwear that are being worn to class. Uniforms can furthermore help deter the display of gang activity in the school. The simple logic behind this is, gangs would not be permitted to wear their gang colors during school because of the uniform regulations. School uniforms could also help deter

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