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Module 1: Option 1Quawna WattsIntro to Psychology09/14/2016The type of psychologist I would chose to be is a school psychologist. I would choose to be a school psychologist because I would enjoy working with the parents and students to help ensure their child is getting a great education, and is progressing in school. I would want to be there to help with any disabilities or special services the child may need. Providing evaluations and assessments on how the child is progressing would be something I would take much pride and dedication in. When I was in elementary my parents divorced and I started misbehaving in school. Seeing the school counselor became a weekly routine for me. At first, I did not want to open up and tell her about the problems I was having regarding the divorce. The first handful of appointments with her were what I thought then were pointless. I would sit in her office, not talk, be mean, and only insist on coloring. I began thinking of it as a way to get out of class. She never pressured me, for weeks she let me come to her office and color and play games. Slowly, and without my knowledge, I began to feel comfortable with her. Casually she would ask me questions about my day and what I do after school, what I was interested in. and things that upset me. I began talking to her while coloring not even realizing I was sharing the things bothering me. Our meetings became important to me, I couldn’t wait until that one day a week I got to go to her office and share with her my problems.

I was struggling with living in two separate households. My father got custody of me and my brothers and it was hard not living with my mother anymore. I was absolutely too young to understand what was going on, and my counselor really helped me try to understand things. She really helped me realize also how important school was and that I had friends and people there that had been through the same thing before, also that wanted to see me happy and that while I was at school I should make it my happy place in a way. Not that I wasn’t happy at home I was just confused and frustrated with the changes. I will always remember her and how she affected my outlook on life at the time. I’m very happy that she was an available resource for me and other students. School counselors are very important, especially these days with the amount of bullying that goes on. This is an outlet for a student to speak out and get help or advice from a professional. The student, parent, teachers, school counseling relationship is very important. Every parent wants their child to have a great education and to be happy so having a positive relationship with those around your child that want to see them do well is very helpful.

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