Association for the Study of International Business
Association for the Study of International BusinessE1陈鑫柯 CHEN XINKE 1409853U-B011-01281. Steps:(1) The content hosted on your website must consist primarily of scholarly articles – journal papers, conference papers, technical reports, or their drafts, dissertations, pre-prints, post-prints, or abstracts. But content such as news or magazine articles, book reviews, and editorials is not appropriate for Google Scholar;(2) Documents larger than 5MB, such as books and long dissertations, should be uploaded to Google Book Search;(3) If users click through to your website to read your articles, your website must make either the full text of the articles or their complete author-written abstracts freely available and easy to see when users click on your URLs in Google search results;(4) Your website must not require users (or search robots) to sign in, install special software, accept disclaimers, dismiss popup or interstitial advertisements, click on links or buttons, or scroll down the page before they can read the entire abstract of the paper;

(5) Sites that show login pages, error pages, or bare bibliographic data without abstracts will not be considered for inclusion and may be removed from Google Scholar.2. As for the academic journal, Annuals of International Business, EBSCO approached Mario with an offer to handle electronic distribution of the academic journal. EBSCO will take copy of articles in the journal published into PDF or HTML format and placed into EBSCO’s databases, ASIB would get the annul fee and the fees for every library that subscribe to the databases that contains ASIB’s journal. This may cause 30% of the libraries stopping subscribing and just rely on their electronic access to ASIB’ s journal through EBSCO’s databases.For the business journal, International Business Today, ASIB offers the monthly news-letter by e-mail and also placed it on the website since last year, this type of news-letter saved ASIB’s staff’s time and costs of mailing. Mario want find more revenue model, he want to use Advertising-Subscription Mixed Revenue Models, offering some best stories from the printed edition on the Web including ads, or free for connect revenue model, offering the first part of the best stories on the website, only subscriptions can read the rest of the part. Both the two revenue model based on website may make some business executives drop their subscriptions to the print edition.

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