Samsung Case Study
Feroz Shaharear
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Samsung is one of the major brands in the world. According to the business week Samsung ranked as top twenty most valuable brands in the world. Samsung is valuable because of their quality and innovation in manufacturing electronic product and for their innovative marketing strategy. Samsung taking the competitive advantage by taking front place in technology industry.

The activities of Samsung marketing department to redefine the organizations brand image and design and support the marketing plan. The decision of marketing department is crucial to success of every company. The marketing department of the organizations like Samsung must decide what services or goods to sell, to whom including which benefits and features, and what price. A chief marketing officer for a large global organization like Samsung must market the merit of the organization to markets to gain the required resource for continued growth. All the manager of marketing department needs to plan properly regarding promotion, advertising, sponsoring, branding, and targeting to achieve the main mission and vision of the organization.

Vision: Samsung believe in only one vision to lead the digital world. They believe that they will find all solution through technology innovation for the challenge of tomorrow. So the basic aim of Samsung to create new markets by efficient process and developing innovative technology and continue to make themselves trusted market leaders.

Figure: vision of Samsung electronics
Mission:Everything Samsung done it’s guided by their mission and it’s to be the best digital company in world. By facing lot of challenge directly Samsung grow up as a global corporation. Their dedicated people come with creative ideas to create products and services that lead in their markets.

Figure: mission of Samsung electronics.
Samsung marketing mix: Promotion strategy: Samsung has started different advertising campaigns, they spending billions of dollars for Europe, North America and Asia. Three billion dollar has been spent in Asia alone, and eight billion in Europe. Samsung use celebrities like singing group. For an example Samsung using the famous singing group named The Black Eyed Peas to promote their product. Mostly they use all these celebrities for advertising their product but sometimes they display their product and allow customers to experience Samsung at the events of those celebrities. This type of initiative allows the customer

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