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Sams Club – Stack it high and sell it cheap!
Written by Clayton J. Macy
Sams Club – A Cathedral of Consumption
Sams Club, is most certainly, a cathedral of consumption. Sams Club has contributed to individuals consuming far more than they need to consume. It has become a place of hyper-consumption and their great size is enchanting to many shoppers. Thus going to Sams Club has become a “family outing” for some people. Above all, Sams Club is an evolution on a scale that is easy to examine. First, people purchase needed items at a town fair, then the mom and pop grocery store, and finally they venture to the local super market. But unlike the others, Sams Club is Brontosaurus and T-Rex combined, consuming all in its path.

Sams Club stacks it high and sells it cheap! Well some people consider it to be cheap. I find the prices to be comparable to what you might find on sale in your own supermarket. But truly, Americans are obsessed with consumption. They love to shop and find every occasion to do so. They are also obsessed with saving money. Many people purchase items simply because they are on sale. They may not know if they will ever need the item, all they know is that it is cheap so they better buy it before someone else does.

According to Sams Club, “Sams Club is the nations largest members-only warehouse club with more than 46 million members.” Thats 46 million people that dont find your normal 12oz. can of beans to be satisfying. Sams Club also states that, “SAMS CLUB has expanded into a nationwide chain of more than 500 clubs across the country.” So now there are 500 locations in which you can stand tall and glorified at the sight of 5,000 gallons of pickles.

When is comes down to it, Sams Club is just a wolf in sheeps clothing. It doesnt earn its money, it steals it from smaller businesses. Choking them to death with a wider variety and selection of goods at a lower price. Sams Club mathematicians only know how to add. They never talk about the jobs they destroy, the vacant retail space they leave in their wake, or their impact on commercial property values.

Sams Club is the American way, home to the entire spectrum of Americans. From those making 18,000 a year to those pulling down six or even seven figure incomes. I can instantly sense when I am in a home equipped by Sams Club. Most of their food is in bulk, or “surplus” containers, and

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