Singapore Case
Singapore is a appropriate system to bring out nanotechnology programs with wide-ranging and well-developed R&D infrastructures like Organization for Technological innovation, Technological innovation and Analysis (A*STAR) that nourishes outstanding medical scientists and abilities (Urban Durability R&D The legislature 2011). It is a need for the country to motivate health and fitness due to the development of metabolic conditions (Ramachandran et al. 2012), and also the development of the junk meals business. Singapore has a probability to coalesce both industry and national needs by producing the junk meals industry through R&D.

In 1965, Sam DeLuca set to bring out his desire of being a physician. Looking for ways to pay for his knowledge, but he does not have adequate money, then, children members buddy recommended him to open a boat cafe to be able to invest in his academia charges. $ 1000 were obtained from his buddy, Dr Chris Money, also provided to become Sam DeLuca’s associate and a company company was created that would change the landscapes of the junk food market. The first store was set up when Sam DeLuca was 17, in Bridgeport, Burglary in aug 1965. After that, they set objectives for themselves of starting 32 shops in 10 years time. Soon, Sam DeLuca discovered the fundamentals of handling a company, as well as providing well-made and top quality product, providing good client services, keeping working costs low and finding great places. These training bring on providing as the company for effective Train cafe around the world. Today, the Train product is the globes greatest boat food sequence with more than 37,000 places globally. They became the most important choice for people looking for quick, healthy foods that everyone members could enjoy. At the beginning Sam DeLuca had a clear view for the future of the Train product. As they are growing, they are advised by his attraction for delighting customers by providing fresh,

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