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Analyzing The HourEnvironmental-Jack LaytonJack Layton talks about actually taking action when trying to save the environment, talk about saving the environment has been going on for too long and no one has really made a drastic change. We still continue to use fuel at a unprecedented rate and we will only continue to use more with the standard of living increasing in countries like China and India. We need to find ways to get energy without fossil fuels or at the least be more efficient and that is what Jack Layton planned on doing had his political party come into power, he believed that the time for talk has talk has passed and it is now the time for action or it might be too late.The video talked about the growing concern about the environment and direction we are headed in if we continue along this path. In the video Jack Layton suggest that the prime minister should set up a group in which they can discuss issues and vote on them. Jack Layton mainly focused on renewable energy. In this video he says that the government  should stop subsidizing companies like Exxon and instead out that money toward renewable energy sources.Yes I did learn something new. I was under the impression that the government had already put a carbon cap when companies made cars. I learned that there wasn’t already a limit to how much carbon a car can produce.The target audience is young voter or younger people in general. It harder to change someone who has lived a certain lifestyle their whole life younger haven’t lived that long so there don’t have unbreakable habits. If you teach young people the right thing they can then teach their own kids or other kids the right thing.Yes this clip was effective since I still have my whole life ahead of me I am concerned about my future and problems like running out of fuel or global warming change the vision I had about my future. It makes me want to take action if I want the vision of the future to come true.Jack Layton is trying to depict a future in which most people will not be able to afford something as small as fuel. Many people tke fuel for granted, even though the price of fuel is going up we think that the fuel will always be available to us. Jack Layton is telling us that we need to wake up and take action because a future without fuel is very possible.Jack Layton was a social democratic politician and the leader of the New Democratic Party from 2003 to 2011.Jack Layton favored the environment over corporations and we know this because says that the government should stop subsidizing companies like Exxon and put that money toward renewable energy sources.He was a politician and the former leader of NDP.I think jack Layton can not only think of ways to save the environment but can also take action because unlike the average man he has more power and can actually get something done.I think George Stroumboulopoulos had a few questions that he had to ask and his interview revolved around those questions.I think since this a issue that is affecting everyone in the same way regardless of your background I don’t think they affected the interview.The point of this interview was to address the problems we are creating in the environment by living our lifestyle and how we should take action weather it be walking instead of driving or creating a completely new renewable energy source.Human Rights- Naomi KleinI learned that the best time to push a radical policy is when people are discombobulated or confused. The best time for that would be a natural disaster. I never would have really noticed this unless Naomi Klein didn’t bring it up.Naomi Klein’s books No Logo talks about how the best way to try and enforce policies is when there is a huge disaster, it could be a war, it could be a terrorist attack or it could be a natural disaster. This shock opens up a window of opportunity where people are so traumatized and confused and in this windows you could pass through radical policies. Naomi Klein coined the term disaster capitalism.I learned about how little the government really cares about your opinion or your welfare and it is mainly about keeping big corporations happy. Had a radical policy passed during the time of a disaster I never would have though that there is a connection between the two things. I don’t think this really has a target audience just because this involves all of us its hard to pinpoint who it is really targeted for.Yes this clip was effective. It changed the perspective I had on the government I had at the begging of the clip and to me that is effective.I think Naomi Klein was trying to get us to see the government in a different perspective and not everything about the governed is in front of you.Naomi Klein comes  from a long line of activist. Her grandfather was apart of the fist strike against Disney, Her dad was a US draft dodger, her mother was an activist against pornography, and her brother is apart of the Canadian center for policies alternative. I would say she is defiantly against big corporations having all the power and deciding what our live will be by controlling the government.I think since she comes from such a long line of activist its only natural that she would have the same views as her family members.I think George shares the same views as her because he agrees wither through out the interview. He didn’t really have a agenda everything was really just freestyle. Its like he is just having a conversation with her.I don’t think anything hindered the interview because Naomi is not really defensive about her book no logo and criticism doesn’t really affect her, she tries to understand where that person is coming from when giving criticism.Naomi is not trying to preach her ideology  its about trying to help other people identify how we are being  manipulated in moments of crisis and tells us how we should protect our interest next time a disaster takes place.General Interest-Wade DavisI learned that as much as we would like to believe that we know everything there is to know there are something’s we will never know. When cultures go extinct its not just their language that goes with them its also their knowledge.This video is not about trying to keep people in the past its about trying to figure out how all the people around the word can enjoy the benefits of modernity without that engagement demanding them the death of their culture.I learned that out of the 6000 languages we currently know of today we are only teaching people half of those. If we are not teaching people half the languages we know of today imagine how many other languages have gone extinct.I think this video is really targeted towards teachers or parents because they are the ones that really affect the way a child will grow up and it is up to them to try and teach them things not only about their language but also about their culture and we should not sacrifice culture for modernity.I agree with what Wade Davis is saying but my parents tell me a lot about my culture so its not something that is totally surprising to me. It would be a different story to someone who has no idea about their culture.Wade Davis was trying to show the rate at which cultures are being wiped off the planet many of which will disappear without anyone knowing.Wade Davis is a Canadian anthropologist who’s work focuses on the indigenous cultures especially in north and south America. He works with national geographic as a journalist.Towards the end of the interview when we find out wade works with national geographic. After that he was talking about the great things about the national geographic, it didn’t really affect the interview. I think he approached this interview the same as the other interviews. he had a lot of info on the topic and asked questions that really made the interviewee think. It doesn’t really look like anything is planned and it looks like an open discussion.I think George’s openness about the topic helped with the interview because it was like a learning experience for him and the audience. Wade Davis shows us just how much of the worlds cultures are being lost and with every culture it has its own knowledge and when we lose the culture we lose the knowledge. I think wade is tying to tell people not lose their culture to modernity.Geopolitical- Romeo Dallaire I already know that child soldiers is a problem but this video talks about Romeo Dallaire’s experiences and his opinion on the whole situation. Since Romeo Dallaire served in Rwanda with the UN he has seen everything first hand and he tells us the story of child soldiers through his eyes. In this video Romeo Dallaire talks about child soldiers and the case of  Omar Khadr.  In 2002, Canadian Omar Khadr was captured by US forces in Afghanistan and transferred to Guantánamo Bay. He is alleged to have killed a US soldier during the battle that preceded his capture.When I see child soldiers I feel bad for them because after all they are children and they forced to give up their childhood to fight. Romeo Dallaire tells us a story about one of his experiences in Rwanda, it is about a solider serving under Romeo Dallaire witnessing a child solider transforming from a solider back to a child after he gets shot. The child was not a solider anymore instead he was hurt and alone like a child. This has helped me see child soldiers in a different way they still have a child inside them and should be treated like one.I don’t think this is targeted towards a specific audience because all it is doing is talking about Romeo Dallaire’s experiences its not telling people what to do he is just giving his opinion.Yes this clip was effective because it made me think of child soldiers in a different way.I think Romeo Dallaire is trying to put us in his shoes when he was fighting in Rwanda, give us a new understanding on how life is over there.Romeo Dallaire is a Canadian senator, humanitarian, author and retired general. Dallaire is widely known for having served as Force Commander of UNAMIR, the ill-fated United Nations peacekeeping force for Rwanda between 1993 and 1994, and for trying to stop the genocide that was being waged by Hutu extremists against Tutsis and Hutu tribes.Romeo Dallaire’s experiences did influence this interview because everything he talked about was his experiences, those experiences changed his opinion on the Omar Khadr case.I don’t think Georges views were very different from Romeo Dallaire’s because they agreed on everything.No his views did not hinder the interview but they did not make it any better either because the interview was mainly about Romeo Dallaire. The video was trying to give us an insight on what goes on in the lives of the men that serve in the war or complicated situations like the Rwandan genocide.

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