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Romeo and Juliet
In Romeo and Juliet, I think they rushed into marriage to soon. Also, without considering how Juliet would feel, Romeo kills Tybalt in revenge of Mercutio’s death. Juliet makes a mistake of not telling Romeo about her parent’s expectations, considering her parents wanted her to marry Paris. I believe there is one main person who should be blamed for the couples’ death, which I think would be Friar Laurence.I think Romeo and Juliet rushed into the marriage they wanted, Romeo had devotion to Rosaline not long before falling crazy in love with Juliet, and Juliet arguing to her mother about not being ready to have marriage with Paris. Overall, I just believe it was too rushed to get married so quickly, they were both impatient about the situation. Their impatience may have even been the reason of their deaths. Juliet doesn’t take the opportunity to tell Romeo about the situation with her parents trying to marry her off to Paris, so Romeo never knows about the predicament he has with Juliet; instead they rush into a secret marriage.One topic I think caused most events in this play was the death of Tybalt. Romeo ends up killing him in revenge for Mercutio’s death, not thinking about the consequences or how his new bride, Juliet, would feel about the situation or how it would affect their relationship. Along with that he is banned from the city. Romeo turns for help from Friar Laurence just as Juliet does. I just believe, because of Romeo murdering Tybalt, it just ignites all the events after that, which I think is the climax of the whole story.

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“Romeo and Juliet” 04 2019. 2019. 04 2019 < "Romeo and Juliet.", 04 2019. Web. 04 2019. < "Romeo and Juliet." 04, 2019. Accessed 04, 2019. Essay Preview By: fkjbnisefvlabvuo Submitted: April 24, 2019 Essay Length: 395 Words / 2 Pages Paper type: Creative Writing Views: 83 Report this essay Tweet Related Essays Romeo & Juliet Written by William Shakespeare The play Romeo & Juliet written by William Shakespeare, focuses on the romantic tragedy between the two lead characters. The background of the story is 823 Words  |  4 Pages Comparative Essay - Romeo & Juliet and West Side Story Comparative Essay Romeo & Juliet ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘The West Side Story’ are both movies based on William Shakespeare’s play. They are very similar 887 Words  |  4 Pages Romeo & Juliet - Greed over Love with Tragic Outcomes Greed Over Love with Tragic Outcomes Youth must often suffer for parents’ mistakes and the children involved in the classic tragedy by William Shakespeare, “Romeo 1,160 Words  |  5 Pages Conflict Romeo Juliet Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play about love, romance, relationships, families and violence. Although mainly about love, there are many scenes that contain violence 1,057 Words  |  5 Pages Romeo & Juliet - a Book of Quotes Romeo & Juliet: A Book of Quotes By Jonathan Olivera Act I One fire burns out another's burning, One pain is lessen'd by another's anguish; 1,386 Words  |  6 Pages Similar Topics Explore Theme Violence Romeo Juliet Romeo Juliet Get Access to 89,000+ Essays and Term Papers Join 209,000+ Other Students High Quality Essays and Documents Sign up © 2008–2020 EssaysForStudent.comFree Essays, Book Reports, Term Papers and Research Papers Essays Sign up Sign in Contact us Site Map Privacy Policy Terms of Service Facebook Twitter

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