Han and Roman Technology
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Han and Roman TechnologyMarlin Jordan        The Han dynasty and the Roman Empire both embraced technology and used it to improve their society. They used it in different ways but both still relied on it to thrive. The Han dynasty used technology to improve agriculture and farming, like tools for laborers, and machines to make their farming more efficient. They also used forms of technology to conserve water. The Romans used technology to build things such as roads for the people to make life easier and also to build new tools to help labor.         In the Han dynasty technology was used for multiple reasons. Like agricultural machines to help the production of food. Mostly for agriculture and farming. It is also used for the conservation of water, and to prevent flooding. They had hydraulic engineers that inspected waterways, and walls and repaired them if needed (doc 1). The pestle and the mortar were tools that were used in agriculture. They were said to be invented by Fuxi but were improved and made ten times better. They used this technology and it was very helpful (doc 3). However, one should approach this document with caution because the source contains a mythological or extreme individual. Tu Shih who was a governor invented a machine that would help the people with agriculture. It was a water powered blowing engine for the casting of iron agriculture (doc 4). The point of view in this document is of interest because the author used words that pointed towards him being biased towards the greatness of Tu Shih.

Two of the biggest things that the Romans used technology for were building roads and aqueducts, also known as the infrastructure. They also used tools to do other stuff such as agriculture. The Romans built great roads that were paved, had bridges, and had columns put up at every mile. Also there were stones to help horse riders mount their horses (doc 6). The hammer and tongs were both tools that were built in Rome and helped laborious jobs. These tools were built by smart people that helped many people (doc 7). One should take into account the point of view of the source because the author was biased towards the people that created tools were not smart. The Romans created aqueducts. These were underground containers that held the city’s water. The water was used for everybody and had many uses like, the water being distributed to various regions, to basins, fountains, and public buildings (doc 8). However one should approach this document with caution because the source is biased toward the Romans having an amazing invention.

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