Greec and Roman Influences
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Greece and Roman Influence
Jason Long
November 20, 2011
Marianne Murawski
Greece and Roman Influence
In the world today and even more so in the western reaches is based on some form of the Greek and Roman culture. These two advanced cultures had a major impact on most of the later societies on how other civilizations took pride in their arts, their languages, and even politics. To get a good grasp on these western cultures, scientist must be able to grasp, and take into account these past cultures, and step back and look at the world we are currently living in today.

One of the greatest wonders of the Roman culture is that of the great coliseum, which in fact shows how great these peoples skills were with art and architecture. The Romans took pride in this great work of art that they had produced for all to see, they took so much pride in their work that they hosted battles to the death, plays, and much more. The shape of the coliseum was built around a center stage which the walls and seatings were great for the entire crowed to hear all of the action. The seating which was steep and high would hold up to at least 80,000 fans and spectators at any given time. In modern times and cultures today, our society today barrowed some of the Roman and Greek building plans. Taking a look on how each city builds their own stadiums, a person would find that there would be some type of Roman and or Greek influence built into the structure.

Between the battles and plays that were held inside of the great coliseum, the culture of today also learned from this as well. From the great battles that were held at the coliseum, the people of todays culture learned from this and came up with the Olympic Games. Not only did the coliseum bring about the Olympics, it also brought the form of plays that our culture today loves to watch in cities and towns around this great world today. This is a small part in the current culture of today that the Greeks and Romans had a hand in shaping, but the Romans and the Greeks also still play a major role in the worlds current architecture today. If and when a person decided to take a walk downtown, he or she would find the influences of the Greeks and Romans designs in the way that each state builds their courtrooms and government offices.

The Greeks and Romans have been competing with each other as far back as their culture can be traced. The Greeks were the first to build in Athens the very first theater, which in turn the first production of a play consisted of the Greeks performing. Of course in return, the Romans barrowed this idea of theater building and built their own. But even so that these two cultures had their own form of plays, both were different in many ways. But, even though these

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