Role of Integrated Marketing Communication
The Role of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plays by PETRONAS in this Print Advertisement
As what we can see, all PETRONAS advertisements basically were about community in Malaysia, the unity and how different people remembered different ones. PETRONAS television ads have always been unique and catchy. These ads are usually released in conjunction with major national celebrations such as the National Day, Hari Raya, Deepavali, and Chinese New Year, to name a few. These ads usually portray family, friendship, and racial values which have an emotional effect on viewers and because of the unique way in which these values are portrayed, PETRONAS ads have become a favorite to viewers.

In 2009, PETRONAS has come up with a poem about feelings of a son to his father written by the late Yasmin Ahmad in conjunction with the CNY celebration which creates a sentimental sense to the viewers.

What sets PETRONAS different from competitors is that PETRONAS has its own way of marketing strategies where this type of ad can live long in customers mind. It is a fact that the segmenting, targeting and positioning strategies of any competitors in the same oil and gas industries business is just the same because they produce same products, which are fuels and lubricants. To deal with the competitive business environments, PETRONAS looks into other marketing strategies in term of advertising. Integrated marketing communication plays an important role to attract more consumers by PETRONAS ad.

IMC can be defined as a process of making good relationship with customers and other stakeholders. This involves that all messages which are being sent to different groups should be controlled and should encourage data driven technique (Duncan 2002, p.8). The goal of IMC is to convey a companys marketing messages in a consistent and coherent manner through different promotional channels. The utmost task for

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