Role of Hr in Startups
Role of HR in StartupsAs nowadays, many startups are coming up, we can’t ignore the role of HR in startups. Generally, we think that HR doesn’t play a big role in startups.  But we are totally wrong. Most startups believe that HR only manages day-to-day activities and administrative duties that they or other employees could manage on their own. Additionally, hiring an HR specialist is not viewed as cost effective. As a result, company employees are burdened with tasks that take time away from other tasks that need to be done. It can lead to a strained workforce, in efficiency, high attrition rate and possibly even legal ramifications. Startups need to be prepared for personnel crises that can upend the workplace. The HR role requires a strong enough personality to advice founders, along with flexibility that allows them to handle the pace and doubtfulness of startup operations. Important HR works in an organisation can be making a handbook, to maintain a great culture, recruiting the right people, and providing benefits to employees. Other important works of HR department can be to support company brand, to maintain better retention, and also look upon legal compliance.

A handbook represents what the company expect of the employee and what benefits are offered. It is the job of HR manager to make sure that the company stays innovative and work environment remains good by maintaining a great culture. People should know that they can make suggestions about improvements in the company. At a startup when you have only a few employees, hiring the right people is especially critical. They need to have the right experience, the right mentality and be a culture fit. Providing right benefits is also important. Employees aren’t just looking for money, they want to know about worklife balance, etc. Benefits like medical benefits, etc are an important thing to provide but benefits like gym memberships, lunches, company happy hours, versatile working environment, etc can do wonders to improve employees’ efficiency. During periods of growth in startups, inevitable challenges and conflicts will arise. An HR specialist need to identify, resolve, and restore employee relations matters. From the beginning, HR department need to be aware of the laws in place that can affect business and employees. As the company grows, the laws can be more complicated and also requirements will be more. Company needs to be sure that legal matters are smoothly and quickly taken care of when such legal situation arises. Company also want to prevent legal issues all together. HR specialists also make sure that all employees know about employee laws, rules, and regulations and all of the employees are compliant with these rules.

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