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The need to migrate from lower developed countries to developed countries is generally due largely in part to financial reasons. In most cases, the attractiveness of higher wages in urban environments usually outweighs the inconvenience of being away from family members and becoming acclimated in a new environment. In lower developed countries, under-employment is high and the demand for labor is low. As such the problems arises with rural to urban migration.

This migration into urban cities is usually an attractive alternative for individuals with low education levels, generally with limited experience in the agricultural sector. Initially at first, an individual may feel uneasy since the risk factor involved with migrating into a different environment is high and the likelihood of finding a job is uncertain. As much of a concern as this may be, the willingness to take this risk and migrate is usually a better alternative than staying in the current environment with insufficient infrastructure with limited job opportunities.

The role of government policies also plays a large role in affecting the level of migration into a country. If the government can increase the perceived probability of getter a job sooner, even more people would migrate from the rural sector to the urban sector. This being so, the same would also be true for the opposite scenario. Should the government fail to implement policies that would increase the level of perceived probability, the amount of people who would migrate into the urban sector would decrease. In both situations, the decision that triggers an individual to choose to migrate or not is due to a financial reason involving the variance in the amount of money one can earn by choosing to migrate or by staying in their current environment.

Usually, individuals in lower developed countries see the benefits to migration over the cost as opposed to individuals in already developed countries. For

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