Rockville Headquarters Employees Case Study
With its 100+ employees in the Rockville headquarters, and its 150 employees in Client sites, has various teams and skill sets in the organization. An organization that practices formality, rules, standard operating procedures, and hierarchical coordination has a bureaucratic culture (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011, p. 490).

Discuss how you could apply negotiation strategies to address potential conflicts in the workplace.
Conflict among employees reduces productivity and creates problems with staff. There are Manager-employee negotiation strategies to help handle workplace conflicts. There were varied issues at the and according to my analysis, there are negotiation strategies that aid in resolving the matters effectively and reducing in employee productivity (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011). First of all, the organization’s Human Resource Department should always have an Employee Counseling sub-division which should address the issues with confidentiality. This division can then use some strategies to resolve work conflicts. The human resource department should independently let both the sides speak. The most important thing is to first listen to the people and then; try to talk things out. Care has to be taken as to not take any sides! Try to bring the reality check to both the parties independently and make them understand the big picture.

The department should identify the true impediment of the process, which means trying to understand what is the motivating factor which would reduce or even eliminate the conflict. Also try to dig out the reasons as to why the disagreement exists? Another important strategy is to resolve the team conflict among the teams. This is to ensure that the counselor should know even if the negotiation or the services of the referee are required (“Smashing the clock,” 2006). . Sometimes; it is important to let the parties or teams sit together and resolve the issues on their own. Another strategy is the win-win strategy, in which strategy applies to many situations, including contract negotiations as well as conflict resolution. Both sides in workplace hostility have something that they want. In some cases, you may find that the solution is simple. In others; it might be a big problem. Hence a resolution that is quick and yet satisfies the need of both the parties is the most important to keep the employee morale high and to make sure that work is not hindered and working ambience is not deteriorated.

Determine how evidence-based management could be applied to the work environment you researched.
Evidence-based management (EBM) is an emerging movement to explicitly use the current, best evidence in management decision-making. There are five important principles that need to be followed when implementing EBM. Firstly, build a corporate culture where individuals are ready to

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