Robotic Valet Parking
Robotic Valet ParkingName:Course:Professor:Institution:City and State:Date:Robotic Valet ParkingTable of ContentsDescription of the Project        2Scope        3Project life cycle plan        3Initiation        3Planning        4Execution        4Controlling        4Closing        4Project statement of work        4Objectives of the project        4Deliverables        5Project Milestones        5Technical Requirement        6Limits and Exclusions        6Customer Review        6Project Organization        7Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)        7Responsibility Matrix        13Communication Plan        15Estimation of Cost        16Risk Management and Mitigation        16References        17The Project Title: Robotic Valet Parking[pic 1]Description of the Project The influx in the number of automobiles on roads has led to increasing traffic congestion. Lack of proper parking infrastructure has further made the traffic congestion even worse. In a bid to curb this issues, robotic valet parking has been invented in some places.  The system uses robot valets to carry vehicles and park them compactly in a given location after the driver parks in a loading bay. With such a system in place, the problem of parking is addressed with no need for complex automation or special constructions. ScopeThe project will focus on conversion of conventional garage made of concrete to Robotic Valet Parking. This project will also concentrate on the technicality of such a project from its life cycle plan, an organization of the project, work breakdown structure, cost estimation,  the risks involved to project closing plan. Concrete garages are considered ideal for this project since robotic valet system requires concrete for fire separation. Both the positions occupied and some vehicles will be able to be determined without the use of sensors in the parking slots. All the available parking space will be displayed on an LCD monitoring screen.

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