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Rob Parson
Problem        Given the negative result of the performance appraisal for Rob Parson, a promising recruit and Market Coverage Professional, Paul Nasr, Senior Managing Director, does not know how to proceed with Parsons career in the organization and how to solve the internal conflicts, fairness and mistreatment that this brought among the employees.        I believe that several factors triggered Nasrs dilemma. His previous professional experience, his limited time working at Morgan Stanley and his performance as a leader contributed negatively. Additionally, Parsons previous experience, eagerness to grow and the lack of feedback also made this situation worse.         Paul Nasr has vast experience but only working for organizations where employees focused more on closing deals with clients rather than ensuring absolute integrity, the opposite of Morgan Stanleys Culture. The franchise, the integrity of the process and employees are the most important competitive advantage (Burton, 1998, p.1 and 3). As a result, Nasr did not contemplate the importance of this new culture when he hired Parson.         Nasr had been with the organization for a short time and was not accustomed to the new culture when he hired Parson. Therefore, he did not clearly emphasize that Parson had to ensure the integrity of the process and relationship not only with clients but also with employees. The culture was not exchangeable for having new clients. Thus, Parson performed as he did in his former jobs.         When Nasr finally understood the importance of the franchise, he did not face the real problem that Parson was having with the employees and that he was violating the internal procedure. Instead, he strayed from the subject to avoid any risk of losing Parson. Clearly, Nasr as a head of the division did not confront the situation.                Parson was a young banker that neither had experience working in organizations with such strong beliefs nor working as a team. His professional skills were outstanding and unique. He achieved amazing goals in a short time, which was something that nobody had done before. However, he lacked teamwork skills, mainly with his peers. This created an uncomfortable environment that led to comments and an unpleasant workplace.         Clearly, Parson focused on jumping to the next level, as he understood when he was hired, working at any cost to meet the divisions goals. He had a great relationship with his clients, but only because he focused primarily on getting a promotion.        Therefore, Parsons lack of experience in working in organizations like Morgan Stanley, his eagerness to reach a senior level at any cost and the lack of feedback triggered the Nasr’s difficult situation. Recommendation        Parson has unique experiences and skills that make him ideal for the position. He has shown that he has great social skills with his clients and has made progress with his peers. Yet, he has a lot to improve (Burton, 1998, p.10). I believe that Nasr should definitely give Parson a second chance, but without a promotion until he sees a drastic change in Parsons attitude with his peers. In addition, the promotion will be based on the result of future evaluations.

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