Road Rage
By definition, road rage is an angry or aggressive behavior by the driver of a car or any other motorized vehicles. Road rage doesn’t always end harmless. Not only can it lead to angry drivers, but can also lead to accidents and sometimes death.

Everyday bad driving habits are what causes most automobile and some motorcycle accidents daily. Whether it’s not using proper turn signals, tailgating, or even cutting drivers off, they all seem to occur quite too often. Surprisingly, neither one of these were the case in my near death experience.

The day was young as that early morning sunlight shot through the window of Mrs. Yochim’s, my kindergarten teacher’s classroom. My buddy Christopher and I sat cross-legged on our color coated rug anxiously awaiting the early dismissal bell. Any other day would have been completely normal, but today my dad had agreed to take my brother Taylore, Christopher, and I to Discovery Zone, every kids dreamland. Arcade games, play areas, prizes, and much more. At the bell, Taylore jumped in the front seat while we piled in, Christopher behind Taylore, and myself behind my dad. Cruising down Westnedge Ave. on a beautiful day in the Ford Explorer, listening to music was a perfect way to continue our day. Not a thought of any types of problems in mind. All this excitement would quickly fade.

Of course being as young as I was, my attention definitely wasn’t to what was going on outside. All I could think about was winning the biggest prize and presenting it at show and tell the following week. Within the time period of a blink of an eye, all I could faintly remember was the muffled screams from my brother in the front seat saying something about his asthma while trying to pry open the passenger door. Three spins, and about 4 seconds later, we came to a complete halt as we smashed into a thick wooden telephone pole. After the impact, things became blurry at first, probably due to the minor concussion suffered.

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