Riyadh Metro
Riyadh MetroSlide 2: What is the Riyadh Metro?The Riyadh Metro is a rapid transport system currently being constructed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.The project is owned by the ADA, Arriyadh Development Authority.The entire project will have six railway lines, spanning 176 kilometers. In addition to this the will be a new bus network, and ride and park services. The project cost is estimated to be 22.5 billion dollars. The project is the biggest transit infrastructure project in the globe. Slide 3: Who is building the metro?Lines 1 and 2 will be built and designed by BACS consortium. The BACS consortium consists of Bechtel, Siemens and Almabani Contractors.Line 3 will be constructed and designed by ArRiyadh New Mobility. ArRiyadh New Mobility will design rail line 3, which is a consortium consisting of 2 groups the Electrical Work Group made up of Bombardier Transportation and Ansaldo STS and Civil Work Group of Larsen, Salini-Impregilo and Toubro.The FAST consortium will oversee line 4, 5 and 6. Rail lines 4, 5, and 6 shall be overseen by FAST consortium made up of FCC, Alstom, Samsung C&T, Setec, Strukton, Typsa and Freyssinet Saudi Arabia.

Slide 4: Why build the Riyadh Metro         The public transport system in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is minimal.  Out of the 7.4 million daily commutes only 2% are on public transportation. Petrol in the city is cheap at approximately 9p per liter. The average daily temperature is 36 degrees Celsius, this makes sitting in a packed bus of a metro train unbearable. Making the car the king of transportation in Riyadh.Slide 5:Building the metro will cater to….Rapid population growthProviding women mobilityFacilitate transport to low income earnersBecome the Gulf region’s administrative and financial centerSlide 6: It will be the biggest infrastructure project in the world, cool huh!

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